CJ7 Paint

(Reverse Chronological Order)

Color: SpruceTip Green (Jeep Factory Color late 60s - early 70s)

Here's the tub all done.  Primer, Sealed, Basecoat, Clearcoat.



Indoor shot of finished tub.  Super slick gloss from clearcoat.



Shot of rear.  Note that I moved the gas filler hole from left side (YJ tub) to right side for CJ gas tank.  Main areas inside tub will be Herculined, so I only painted the parts that weren't getting Herc'ed.




Prior to clearcoat - flat looking finish.


Here's the tub with the sealer over the primer.  Kinda of a greenish/gray color, and dead flat.



Tub, primed.



Tub, ugly.